As a Husband of a Survivor of Past Sexual Abuse,

...Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells?

...Not knowing what you will do or say that may set your wife off or cause what you feel is an over the top reaction?

...Do you love her but don't know what to do to help her?  


My name is Tom and I know exactly how you feel.  My wife's past sexual abuse memories came back 18 years into our marriage and I struggled figuring out how to support her and together we created our extraordinary marriage.  

Whether your wife had repressed memories (which is very common) or she remembered her whole life, this resource will help you.

It took me a L O N G time to figure these simple tips out and I want to support you in your intention to support your wife.  


3 Things Every Husband must know if his wife was sexually abused 

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